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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hop, skip and a week

Apparently, I do have to beat sense into people, and on a daily basis too.

So, Election Day is coming up; excited about that.

Halloween did not go exactly as planned:
Dresses as 1950s nurse, yet I broke the zipper, so I had to sort of...... tie up the side. It was funny, but I pulled it off and brought lots of smiles to co-workers.
Plans were to go out and have fun.
But after a restless week, I just wanted to relax with some good horror movies and popcorn.
Shortly after buying the popcorn, I fell asleep. And that was my Halloween.

Planning on calling my old Art History professor and talking to her about what being a Art History graduate student would be like.

Speaking of plans, my birthday is Friday and I plan on talking the whole week off afterwards. Talk about a birthday week!!
I've just got to get through this week first.

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