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Friday, May 23, 2008

the Adventures of an East Coast girl in Mississippi

So, I would like to address my incessant need to live somewhere that I find beautiful. Not the whole area; I understand that, in most places, there is going to be garbage, vagrants, bugs, potholes, spiders....
But seriously, it's this thing that's kinda always been with me. I've got to live somewhere that I find at least something/somewhere/somewhat beautiful--- if I don't, it drives me crazy.
... more crazy than usual.
There's a calm I get from the beauty I find in it. And it's a unique beauty: it has to be pleasing to my eyes. It doesn't have to be gorgeous with flowers--it can have an interesting, old rickety building that I can just sit near and relax looking at it.
And it doesn't have to be a place that's "OMG, there's nothing wrong with this place, evers!!1!1"
Because I'm not sure a place like that exists. Not even in my mind. Especially, not after finding out that, statistically, there is a spider almost always six feet away from you. ::shudders:: I'm never going to feel safe, ever.
Anyways, every where I've lived had at least one spot that I found beautiful: Delaware-it had it's beaches; Rhode Island-its little quaintness and old industrial buildings; Massachusetts-in New Bedford, we lived right at the beach, and at the bottom of my road was an old.... textile building? anyway, it was neat, and I would follow it down to the piers. It's kinda hard to explain what exact, pinpoint thing I found beautiful about the different things in these places. It's more of a feeling I'm trying(and failing) to put into words. Now, I'm really trying to find something beautiful in Hattiesburg, and I haven't found it yet. I do like the train station, but I haven't been back since it was closed down for renovations. I should give it a look sometime.

Hell, one of the main clues that led me to move into my apartment was that the day I went to look at the apartments, there were tons of huge bumblebees flying around. Well, that and the apartments came with washers and dryers inside.

So, speaking of bees, I'm going to watch the Happening, the new M. Night movie. They talk about bees in it. :)
Also, watch this clip and pay close attention to Zooey Deschanel.

Is she supposed to be mentally handicapped in this movie? That's the impression that I got. Everyone has been going off on Mark Wahlberg, saying he's a bad actor. At least he's believable in the trailers. Zooey's just.... special ed?

Also, John Leguizamo with glasses on is funny to me.

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