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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things come in threes.....

First off: Happy Birthday, Stephen Colbert! I loves you!

Second: I love Iron Man. Watched the movie over the weekend and I can honestly say.... that I now have a crush on Tony Stark..... sad I know.
Ok, ok, I guess I crush on Robert Downey Jr. too. Fine.
So, I realized that I never really paid too much attention to Downey in movies: he was the 'cute guy' in Gothika and the 'twichy guy' in Heart and Souls. He also won an award for... something. I'm terrible, I'm sorry Mr. Downey. I promise to pay more attention in the future. Watch for Tony Stark in the Incredible Hulk. Also, more Iron Man in 2010!
I'll be writing a review of Iron Man when I can stop fantasizing about flying around in my own iron suit. My suit is green and blue.

Third: I agree with John Stewart: you really shouldn't speculate what a dead person thinks.... especially if the 'dead' person.... well, isn't really dead.
And I loves John Oliver. Don't worry, Mr. Colbert, I don't loves him as much as you.

Odd fact that many people don't know about me for today: I have a pocket Russian/English dictionary.

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