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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Good for you!!

So, there's a meat and poultry recall for meat packaged under the brand names of Jan's and Archer Farms. Archer Farms is sold in Target, but most Target's don't sell meat in their freezer sections. I learned of this recall after I bought some beef and chicken tenderloins (boneless of course!) and we particularly antsy until I found that the brand names didn't match mine.
I'm seriously beginning to think the food industry is trying to force me into vegetarianism; with it's 'Our meat will poison and/or kill you' and 'Eggs are bad for you!'
'Eggs are good for you!'
'Eggs are bad again!'
'No wait.... I think they're good again..'
'Honestly, I don't know. Just eat them and we'll see..'
But, then again, there's recalls on cereals and veggies all the time too.
It's come down to were you can't eat food, you can't breathe the air and you can't drink the water.

I'll be hiding in the corner; you can tell it's me because I'm holding my breath and starving.

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