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Saturday, May 3, 2008

I'm just saying....

....that the message this commercial puts out is shifty. Give it a watch and see if you come up with the same conclusion I did.

So, if you take Enzyte, then all the ladies in your office will want to sit on your lap (aka: make sexy time with you) despite the fact that your wife is six feet away? Really?

So, "Teeth" is coming out Tuesday. I've been waiting for this since I heard about it after the actress won a Sundance award for her performance. This is something I've always been saying: vagina dentata would make a great plot device. I can see the sequel now: Teeth 2: the Box strikes back!

Also, I was watching the Daily Show the other day. Apparently, if you piss George Foreman off enough, he will eat you. Possibly, cook you on his grill beforehand.

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