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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Completely nuts and teeth

Well aware that I skipped writing yesterday, but I have good reason: Pain and the blues.

I went for my teeth cleaning, which was a lot more..... stabbity then I expected. I don't think I've ever had a teeth cleaning before. At least not that I could remember.
Anywho, she told me I brushed very well and I had good teeth.... but also had a bunch of minor cavities due to my infrequent flossing. Very infrequent.

In fact, our initial convo went like this:

Doc: So, how often do you brush?

Me: Twice a day, mostly. Once, if I'm out of town or being particularly lazy. But I usually use mouthwash to make up for it.

Doc: Good. And how often do you floss?

Me: errr...... three or four times.... a year?

She tsk tsked.

Honestly, I'm wary of flossing. What if I pop out a tooth?

She assured me that wouldn't happen, but my gums would be sore until they got used to the attention.

After she tallied up how much had to be done and how much it would cost, my eyes goggled and, without meaning to, said:
Oi. Maxed out cards, here I come.

She then assured me that my insurance would take care of most of it. 80 percent, I believe. Which is nice.

After leaving the dentist, I proceeded to get bummed and started debating on whether or not I should get a second job.
After work, I suggested this idea to Manon and my mum.
Manon told me to sit down and stop worrying.
Mum told me that having a second job would turn me into a basketcase. .... well, more of a basketcase. And told me to stop worrying, and that things would be alright.

Yes, I worry a lot.

In fact, I'm worrying right now if I left the oven on...

No, it's off. Good. Safe.

Which reminds me of this:
(parental advisory, some cussing)

Love Eddie Izzard.

Also, there will be a new unveiling of a part of the Rose Happiness Project tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Currently listening to Tornado Man's stage from Mega Man 9. Go classics!!

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Franklin said...

Hi Rose, I'm with you when it comes to flossing. I really should try to do it more often...

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Franklin Keane