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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Explainations pending

To explain the 'message' twitter tweet:
Once a day I have to type up birthday messages to go into the records section for the next day's paper. We have a 'birthday line' where people call in and leave names, dates and messages. We ask that people spell out the person's name, because there are so many different spellings to one name, and because some people have really bizarre names.
There's a lady that calls in (she's called four times since I've worked there) and she insists on spelling out everything.
And I mean everything.
"Happy, h-a-p-p-y.."
The whole thing is like that. And she usually misspells too. Today, she misspelled 'may' (she spelled it 'mae') and 'you' (she spelled it 'yu'). If she insists on spelling everything, she could at least spell it correctly.
I was tempted to misspell it in the paper, and if she called to complain, I'd just explain that I spelled it exactly the way she spelled it out.
But I didn't. I guess I'm not that horrible of a person.

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