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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Home, new home

Here is a mirror image of what my new apartment looks like.
I got to walk around in it yesterday before the dinner party and have already begun to start placing things: like the TV will go where the cable is and the couch will be on the other wall. 
Pretty simple.

It is an upstairs apartment and I am completely ok with this: no one above me = win. 
The only problem with this is the moving in of the large objects: couch, TV, bed, bureau... hopefully my bookshelves can be taken apart for easy movement, so I won't have to worry about them.

Very pleased at the inclusion of washer and dryer. That was easily a large point for moving into this complex.... as well as the fact that I will be saving $150 a month on rent alone!
And with the place being smaller, perhaps the bill for air/heat will be smaller too.

Not too much on the agenda today: will be heading over to Books-A-Million to peruse their magazines and Praxis I study books. 
Must study, for the Praxis is next Friday!

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