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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three times the charm

So, here's my doctor update from my appointment Tuesday afternoon:
My PCOS has caused me to have hardcore insulin resistance. I have three times the amount of insulin hanging out in my bloodstream than there should be.

My insulin sensitivity nearly doesn't exist. except when I get so hungry that I start to shake. Then I'm so sensitive, that there's no more insulin left and I must feed!
This insulin overload is the reason I ballooned from a size 4 to a size 14 in no time. And now struggle to lose one pound.

I'm on a scary rollercoaster who's next stop is diabetes.

My endo doctor prescribed some diabetes medication which will keep the insulin in check and I'll be able to lose weight!

However, I don't want to go back to being a size 4; it was boring. No boobs, no hips, really. XD
I'd much rather a size 10 or 12; I enjoy having curves.
Not only will I be slimmer, I'll be healthy too.

A big downside to this medication is the size. They're like horse pills! I hate taking pills!

What was odd was the printed material on the side of the bottle. It stated that I should wear an ID bracelet while taking this medication.

I was terrified!
The doctor said nothing about that!

I called the pharmacist, who said that only full-fledged diabetics have to wear the ID tag in case they go into a diabetic coma and can't tell people what they are taking.

Another good thing: My symptoms aren't strong enough to warrant a Lupus test.
While I might have it, it's not at a scary stage.

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