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Sunday, March 22, 2009


The U.S. broke records in 2007. Not by greatest amounts of charity, not by huge steps taken toward removing greenhouse gases or by other Earth-helping/cool futuristic things.

No. The U.S. broke records in the amount of births that year.

Seriously. I'm rolling my eyes so hard, I'm sure you can feel it through the computer screen.

When I read the headline: "U.S. breaks records...," I was very , then I read the rest of the headline, "..births."

40 percent of these kids are born out of wedlock. Call me old-fashioned, but I like the know that these babies are being taken care of; you know: diapers, food, blankets, clothes. And, I like to know that babies have a mother and a father figure. Not only that, but in today's economy, single
parents can barely cut it.

Hell, I can barely feed myself.

This is just irresponsible. There are people... nay, whole countries starving and we're popping out babies like it's the next biggest diet fad.

And don't get me started on the OctoMom, that's just disgusting.

The whole OctoMom fiasco makes me want to vomit. From the top, down.
How could a doctor help a woman have eight kids... in addition to the six kids she already had, knowing that she can barely take care of them by way of money and care.... and, I don't know, proper mentality. Half of the first six are on disability for various disorders. And, while I don't wish it on them, I would be surprised if the eight were sick too.

Well, here's one thing that I get: the right of a person to have kids. As many kids as they want. That's fine, that's your right.

However, it's completely irresponsible to have a litter of kids and not be able to take care of them.

And this is not just directed toward the OctoMom, but also to people I see everyday. Ladies my age (even younger) with tons of kids, looking haggard, not able to take care of their kids. Barely able to take care of themselves....

That's it... I'm done with this. It's irresponsible. The end.

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