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Sunday, March 8, 2009

C-c-combo breaker!

There.... it had to be done.
Can't have a blog full of illness/sickness talk. It get depressing.
So, on to more light matters:

Started moving things into the new apartment..... and by things... I mean a bottle of handsoap.

That's all I had with me in the car.

Went over to measure the place, then use the measurements to figure out where everything is to be placed.... or so it's supposed to be placed. Trying to go about this in a more planned/thought out manner than the current apartment.
The plan for it was: shove the heavy stuff around, against walls and I'll fill in the rest. Didn't exactly work in the most aesthetic way.

The important stuff (books, video games and movies) is packed a ready to go. *sigh* But everything else has to be packed too. :(

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