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Friday, March 13, 2009

Packing... sorta

Things I've recently watched and enjoyed: 
Doctor Who Christmas special 2008

There were only a few things that I was confused with them leaving out....
Such as the rape confrontation, I think that would have shown how much Laurie did know about her mother and the Comedian.

.... and the cuteness of the snow owl suit: it was nowhere as cute in the movie.

The Doctor Who special pulled at the heartstrings.... for more than one reason: there's only three more specials/episodes with David Tennant playing the Doctor. D:  ::shock and dismay::

Which also reminds me that I need to pick up Season 4. As it is my favorite to date. If I put them in order from most enjoyed, it would be 4, 2 and then a tie between 1 and 3. 

Still piddling about with moving things from one apartment to another.... really need to get a move on it. The parents are going to come down soon to move the heavier stuff: bed, bureau, TV.... *sigh* This moving business is poopy.....

Also, in strange and sad news, the executive editor at HA just got laid off...... while I can see the move as saving lots of money (because she's probably the highest or next-highest paid person there) it's still disconcerting and sad. And sudden...

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