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Friday, March 27, 2009


Today's recommendations are for:
Asian Horror movies:

Shutter - do watch, jumpy moments
Noroi - do watch, weird and entertaining
Reincarnation - do watch, sort of Asian remake of the Shining
Phone - do watch, good stuff
the Host - meh
Ring - do watch, classic creepy
Koma - do watch, love it
Audition - do watch, and cringe
Uzumaki - do watch, and be confused
Ju on - do watch
Ju on 2 - do watch
Ju rei - do watch
A tale of two sisters - do watch, a favorite!
Coming soon - meh
Someone behind you - do watch, why are all girls in horror movies so darn cute?
The Eye - do watch
The Eye II - not so much watch
Cello -do watch, watch out for those instruments

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