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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Memories of Katrina: Aug. 31

Got my days a bit mixed up, so this one is a little behind, but tomorrow, I'll be right on track.

After the crisis is when the real torture begins.
We still don't have water or power and only now are we seeing power trucks working or even around.
Most of them are from Arkansas, which is nice.
The Commons is feeding students three times a day, which is great and gives us a chance to see the damage done on campus.
The campus was full of tree, now it's full of trees all over the ground. A few even landed on/in some buildings. The library front is littered with glass from some busted-out windows.

I didn't sleep very well last night: way too hot, too angry and too misrable.
We've swam in the pool a few time, but it's starting to look more and more gross as more and more people get in and less and less chlorine is left.
The sky was amazing last night. I saw Scorpio, which made me quite happy and possibly the Milky Way. The sky was littered with stars.
Our Wal-Mart is closed and there's a line outside of Walgreens.

Right now, we're making a run to Laurel, on hope and hearsay that they have power, food and gas.
We stopped by my car to get my phone charger and found my gas cap on the ground. Someone tried to siphon gas out. The upside to this is that it was pretty much on empty to being with.
The damage around Hattiesburg is intense: whole roads are covered with trees, signs from restaurants are gone, scattered to the winds and sides of the street.

Laurel is in bad shape too. We're hoping the Wal-Mart here is open as we're nearly out of food and water.

Laurel was a bit of a failure. There's no power, no gas, but we got some food(granola bars, beef jerky) and a few sports drinks. The Wal-Mart wasn't open but we have seen a few of there trucks heading toward Hattiesburg. So I suppose that's a good sign.

We're heading back home now, hoping to make it in time to eat at the Commons. The convention center was packed when we drove by, maybe they were handing out ice and water.
My pen broke, so I'm just writing with the ink stick.
We're following a Wal-mart truck right now. I hope he gets off at Hattiesburg.
My phone doesn't have any signal unless we're in Hattiesburg, so I'll have to wait until then to find out how my parents are.

My mum says that half of Jackson has power, the side the Uncle Curtis lives on.

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