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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Memories of Katrina: Sept. 2

The destruction of New Orleans didn't totally hit me until today, while watching news at Jess and Sheree's apartment on their battery-operated TV. I'd heard stories of bodies floating down streets, of sharks patrolling main streets, of people packed into the Super Dome screaming for water, food and help; it was nothing compared to actually seeing it:
-- a woman raking up garbage because she believed that if she doesn't try to clean up, then noone will come to help
-- a man pleading for his dialysis treatment
-- a mayor venting his frustration and anger at the goverment
-- a police chief's words stolen by his tears

Yesterday, the water started working in the apartment and the university had power. Yesterday was also the day that they finally sent some people down to New Orleans to evacuate the Super Dome.
Why did it take so long?

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