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Friday, September 4, 2009

Memories of Katrina: Sept. 4

So, school is supposed to start back up on the 12th and the dorms are closed to people who haven't been there during the storm.
I was lucky because I was periodically in and out of the dorm.
There's air and water at GameStop, so Manon stayed there last night. I would have too, but Manon thought that I would have trouble sleeping on the hard floor, also I have a shower in the dorm and was quite stinky this morning, so it worked out well.

We walked to Walmart yesterday, took a while because I needed to take a break anytime my feet started to ache a little; didn't want to get a migraine.
We stood in line for over an hour, but it wasn't too bad, the workers were passing out water and umbrellas, which was really nice.

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