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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Scary Movie Review Month: the Raven

Tonight's review is on The Raven, where a madman fan is basing murders on stories written by Edgar Allan Poe.

Nothing more exciting than a high-speed horse and buggy chase.

I'm liking the atmosphere of this 1840s Baltimore.
However, I didn't like the jump from the scene in the bar to the dead girl. I think I know what they were trying to do; it just wasn't done well.

Well, that was gory.

"I despise people that despise me."

Imagination has always been a crime, my friend.

My main issue with John Cusack as Poe is that his(Cusack) head shape is oval and I've always seen him(Poe) as having a heart or circle shape.
That, and he keeps his mouth open too much.

It has been decided that Detective Fields' face is made of veins and wrong.
It's like someone pushed Heath Ledger and Dominic West's faces together. And added a rock.
An angry rock.

I have a sneaking suspicion already about this movie. And I'm going to be grumpy if it turns out to be correct.

There's an absurd amount of yelling in this movie.

Ok, so I was close. It's not quite who I thought it was.

The ending credits are.... terrible. What the hell is this? Sharp, glass, bird thing and then lights?
Just... just no.

Score: 3 3/4 out of 5

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