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Thursday, January 15, 2009

yes, Siobahn is still alive

So, I'm considering starting my own little indoor salad garden. Not only would it make me smile knowing that I'm growing something, but it would also make me food.

A two-for-one combo!

The problem is that most of the indoor salad garden websites are sort of vague as to which plants work best. They want you to order their products. So, I'll be trying to grow sweet pea sprouts, sunflower grass and buckwheat sprouts. And I suppose whatever else looks interesting/tasty while I'm salad plant shopping.

I've gotten mixed answers as to which is better: start off from seeds or start with an already sprouted plant.
I may try and combination of both.

Either way, if I'm growing my own greens, then all I'll need to buy is salad dressing, feta and croutons; and I've got a salad at my fingertips!

Also, my pet shamrock plant, Siobahn is still alive. Yes.... I almost killed her when I forgot to water her for a day..... and by a day, I mean.... a month I think.
Either way, shamrock are hardy plants (that's why I bought her) and she's doing just fine, thank you very much.

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