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Saturday, August 23, 2008

The closet politico

Crossposted from my work blog:
(do keep in mind that this was posted Friday)

So, many signs are pointing to Joe Biden, D-Del., being the next vice president. And this Delaware girl's grin couldn't be any bigger.

Sure, there's going to be a lot of flack leading up to the decision. Like how you can accidently drive out of Delaware.

Sure, there's going to be a lot of flack if he does get the spot. Like how many people couldn't find Delaware on a map.

And if Obama and Biden make it to the White House, Delaware will become a buzzword/state. Great!

Delaware's a place with a big heart and lots of gorgeous beaches. And this closet politico couldn't be more excited!

P.S. I'm well aware of that hilarious Wayne's World scene. In fact, eight times out of 10, when I tell people I'm from Delaware, they quote that scene.

So, it's Saturday. And my grin is still here. :)

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