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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Many apologies for the lack of updates. There's many excuses, but I'll only bore you with the interesting ones. :P

Got another column in the paper. Although, that only makes two that need to be posted here. The newest column comes straight from this blog. Don't remember the date exactly. Am too lazy to look back. But look up the internet post from last year. That's the one!

Many medical and work-related things have drained my time and focus. I've written many a thing to post here. But my will to actually get in front of the computer and type was drained.

Hell, my will to do anything creative has been pretty down. On a good note, I finally stocked stuff in my Etsy store. Check it out at thecompassrose.etsy.com.

Anyone else find it a bit coincidental that there's a hurricane barreling its way toward the Gulf Coast three years (give or take a day) after Katrina? Work's on hurricane watch and so am I.

Not making any promises, but I'll try my best to start getting stuff going here again. Just gotta find that will.... it's hiding around here somewhere. Just need the right motivation.

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