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Saturday, August 16, 2008

My eyes!! They burn!

So, anybody else feel their childhood shrivel up when they found out about this roast of Bob Saget.

I was really confused about Mr. Saget having a roast. I was horrified when he said "balls."

What is going on here? He was the dad on Full House. He's supposed to be nice and quiet and understanding.

Then someone showed me the light: apparently, Bob Saget is the world's most vulgar man, ever! My eyes, my sensibilities, my everything!

But, on a less gross note, I was talking with someone about my pants problem. Come to find out, it might not be about weight, but about laundry. I have four specific pairs of pants that I wear a lot to work. They get washed a lot. And I've noticed that they were a bit tight after washing, but that they eventually worked their way back to normal... sorta.

Apparently, it comes down the times of washing and what's used. I use average stuff. And I wear/wash my pants a lot.

In closing, I'm not so much of a lard butt. Yay!

Things that make me rage: people that hold their phones in front of their mouths to talk. Dude, it's not a walkie-talkie. People like that make me want to take their phones from them, slap them, hand them a walkie-talkie and then clean/use their nice phone.


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Oh my god! Bob Saget is an awful, terrible human being!