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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 17-20 of Crazy

Wow, I leave my blogs alone for a minute and the time just flies by.
Granted, this whole week has seemed like that for me.
Though, honestly, while I don’t mind time whipping by while I’m at work, I’d prefer my non-work life to walk by at a leisurely pace.

It’s nearly June and I still don’t feel confident enough to take the GRE and I still need to tack down my third/final recommendation letter writer.
And while the possibility of a job promotion is closer to nil, the possibility for an assistantship is blurry at best: I would not be able to get one in my degree since that’s technically the English/ESL department’s turf. And I couldn’t teach basic French or Spanish, since I’m not fluent.
I’ve left messages for the Foreign Language department’s graduate counselor to call me back, but no dice.
It may be their vacation this week. ::rolls eyes:: Wish it was my vacation.

The Tudors seemed to be rushed this season. While, granted, the time of Jane and Henry was extremely short, the time leading up to Anne of Cleves and his decent into madness, fatness and smelliness seemed like a day.
Henry is still young while with Katherine of Aragon, youngish with Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour; he’s supposed to be fat, stinking and older when Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard meet him.
And while I’m sure a lot of people don’t want to watch an old man doink pretty ladies, it’s not historically accurate.
I suppose keeping the pus-leg to a minimum is great for the stomachs of viewers.

Going to cover an event about genes and jeans today, including models and tips on how to wear jeans and which ones fit which bodies best. I’m a bit nervous, but I hope to have fun.

The garden is looking good: basil, cilantro and peppers are doing great; the two large flowers need stakes to hold them up and there are tiny sprouts from the lavender and strawberries. The only wildflowers I planted are not really sprouting up, so I’ll have to plant some more.

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