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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Day 3 of Crazy

Woke up before 8 this morning. Was a bit weird.
It was stormy for the day, so I couldn't go walking or swimming. :(

Got a call from Ana, a friend I hadn't seen or talked to in about 15 years! It was so weird yet so nice. It was like a call from the past. We talked for a while, exchanged addresses and made possible plans for a summer reunion.

Went to work, where the storm had knocked out the internet. It's pretty hard to put a paper together when you can't get information from one place to another. But, we were trying our best.

After work, I talked to a friend about his depression. He's afraid to go get help, yet knows that he needs it. Pretty much in the same situation I was in a few years ago. So, I talked him through it and it seems that he's much more resolved now.

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