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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 6 of Crazy

Tried to rush through the work day as much as possible. 
Co-worker was annoying me with her: not working, having personal calls on work phone, instant messaging and making her frog noises. Seriously, there's something that she does that makes a froggy, croaking sound and she was doing it a lot. 

During work, we had to stand in the hall because of the tornado warning. It reminded me of high school, so I told the lady standing next to me, "I'm so glad we got out of exams. That math test is hard." She said,"I know. I hate my class."

Sorta met my next door neighbor; she scuffs her feet a lot and stomps around. Her downstairs neighbors must love her.

Got a new microwave. It's modern instead of being older than me.

Had pasta and wine for dinner at a bar/restaurant downtown and talked with an old guy about reality TV.

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