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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 9 of Crazy

I'm excited about my new indoor plants. Had to get rocks for good drainage.

Talked a friend through a possible crap-storm. And it worked out for him.

Repotted my new indoor plants and planted the coriander seeds. Should see something in about a week.

Had some pretty crappy thoughts before going to bed: that I'm lonely, that there's something (medical and mental) wrong with me and that I deserve it... for who knows why.

In fact, crying kept me up to nearly 1 a.m., which was when I repotted the plants and cleaned a little.

Sure, I like some along time as much as the next person...... but there's a point where it stops being voluntary and starts hurting a lot.
Where someone canceling plans completely crushes you because it was the only decent human interaction were going to get in a while.... and in a long time coming.

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