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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I lost the game?

For those of you that asked here's a photo of the newest necklace I'm selling:

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So, I never fully explained the jobless thing; just dropped the bomb that 'hey, guess what? yeah, jobless.'
I had an idea something weird was going on when I noticed two new girls in the advertisement department. But didn't connect it to the newsroom at all.
Then, a while later, while interviewing a business owner, he informed me that while the ladies in advertising said they would take care of his adverts and interview write-up, he wanted me specifically to do it because he enjoyed my stories and because I was the business reporter after all.
A week after that, I walk into work and the managing editor tells me that they will have to let me go under the guise that my writing wasn't progressing like they wanted. If he had been honest with me, I would have been less pissed.
However, right after the editor told me that I was let go, I didn't cry; I just sighed. As if an immense weight was lifted of my shoulders. To be honest, there was. It was a terribly stressful place and now I was let go in more ways than one.
Granted, I cried later because being unemployed was not something I was used to. It felt as if I lost the game, as if I had failed despite the fact that it wasn't personal, just business.

Also interested in watching the Men Who Stare at Goats. Looks hilarious. I knew someone who read it and really enjoyed it.

Just watched people eat at a restaurant in absolute darkness. Because we receive 3/4 of our perception through sight, the other senses are heightened -- such as taste. I'm curious in trying this.


Ekanthapadhikan said...

Went through your pics. in Devianart. Some of them are just awe inspiring like the Blue Lock Locker, No Parking, Thirsty Doggie and Tortoise Mountain. Brilliant!

Rose said...

I need to get around to uploading more photos, I've been really lax lately.