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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sea bass, the yummy frontier

Here's a post pulled from Bittersweet Rose:

My interest in sea bass first appeared in the summer of 1993 while watching "Jurassic Park" in the theatre with my parents.

A little odd, I know.

When Richard Attenborough, playing Jurassic Park's owner John Hammond, offered sea bass to his guests, my then 11-year-old mind thought, "'Spared no expense,' huh?"

I had to have some.

Well, I finally got up the courage, and chance, to get some sea bass a few months ago at a restaurant called The Flaming Pineapple. The FP is in a town named Moselle, about 20 or so miles from where I'm currently living. With the sun already past set, I got lost in the dark on the way there and back.

Thank you, Mississippi for not believing in the idea of street lights.

The waitress brought out my plate: a 6-inch long, 3-inch thick piece of sea bass surrounded by sweet potato fries (a favorite of mine).

The smell was incredible; it made me giddy with anticipation of the meal I was about to eat.

And the taste?

Usually I reserve the term "melt in your mouth" for things of the chocolate and gooey variety, but this sea bass was an exception.
Each bite was a melty bite of grilled buttery fish goodness.

The sight of fish skin usually makes me gag, but in this case it only enhanced the flavor of the fish meat, giving it a salty, tangy burst.

Whether sea bass is normally delicious or cook of the Flaming Pineapple is a genius, I'm not sure. But it's certainly worth another trip, try and taste!


Girlie | Digital Room said...

Your blog post made me so hungry! I would love to eat some sea bass for dinner this weekend. I'm hoping to have that "melt in your mouth" sea bass experience.

EP said...

Aww, how fun!

I actually had to cover that restaurant a year ago for Emma, and I've been back quite a few times for dinner. Love, love, love their food, even if it is in the middle of nowhere.