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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spooky movies for you and I

Saw Paranormal Activity last night and I really recommend watching it. I loved the innovation and idea behind the movie. It was really inspiring to see that something that big budget Hollywood wanted to remake get released in its original form; as well as the fact that it was made on $15k and has made over $30 mil.
There's no gore; the movie mainly relied on the atmosphere that got steadily more unsettling.
I would definitely say that I will purchase the movie, if not to just get at the additionally shot endings as I'm very interested in them.
I'm not a fan of spoiling things, so I won't say too much on the fact other than.... I'm not a fan of badly done trailers aka: the ones that give too much away.
So, I have included a handpicked, Rose-approved trailer for your perusal.

Currently interested in watching:
Where the Wild Things Are
Law Abiding Citizen
The Fourth Kind (which I also put up a trailer for you guys)

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EP said...

As you know, I'm not a scary movie fan, but I totally want to see Where the Wild Things Are!