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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Rainy days never stay

It's a rainy day outside my window and a rainy day inside my heart.
I think that part of getting better is forcing myself to do something: be it to finish my latest drawing, marathon some horror movies or sit in my bed and finish up the four books I've started.
However, I'm thinking I might be sociable and grab a bite with friends.

I have no job, I have no significant other... what I really want to do in this juncture in my life is take a trip somewhere, be it out of the country or just to the next state over. However, this girl is hardcore poor: I have no rainy day money hidden away.
Anyone looking for a roommate? I'll cook and clean and entertain with ridiculous tales until I get a job.

Inspiration: "Rainy days never stay" by The Brilliant Green.

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