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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Movies, m'dear

Finally saw The Happening... uh, yeah. That's all I've really got to say about that.
It wasn't terrible, but, first and foremost.... Zooey Deschanel is not a good actress in my opinion. She's got a cute look, but her quirkyness comes out as if she's trying too hard.
And she creeps me out.
The movie started strong and... hmm... However, I really liked the last scene.

I'm hoping to watch Paranormal Activity this weekend. I've been hyping it up to anyone that will listen (and many who didn't want to listen). I've been crazy-excited about it since I heard whispers of it on 4chan months and months ago.
I really want to be scared out of my mind.

Friends and family think I'm bizarre because of my fetish for horror movies (in addition to other things) yet can't take watching the news.
I'll try to explain: It's similar to getting on a rollercoaster. Many people get on rides for the exhilaration. I watch horror movies for the exhilaration from that. Horror movies have no repercussions the way news can. News, be it in a newspaper or on TV, is real. Stories of serial killers, burgleries and epidemics will get under my skin, will terrify me in a completely different way that horror movies do.
Horror movies can't hurt me, other than causing me to question shadowy corners.
Serial killers, burgleries and epidemics can.

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