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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Breakfast of champions

Pizza... that's right. Pizza for breakfast. Breakfast of champions. Especially when that pizza is covered in mozzarella, cheddar and jalapenos. yummy yum...

Well, I'll be picking up my keys to my new apartment today. Very excited to start making it my own. Very UNexcited to start the heavy lifting though. Good thing I have the month of March to move my stuff from one place to another.
And it's all for a good cause: my fur-babies.

Those of you that follow my Twitter probably noticed the cheerful, yet ominous message concerning mono and the flu. It's true, I just have a severe respiratory infection type thing. So, the doctors (because I had to see more than one :/ ) have me dosed up on lots of meds will make me drowsy and keep me awake... huh?
Well, I think the amount of drowsy meds outweighs the awake meds... so if you receive something of a drunken call, text, tweet or similar from me, I'm totally blaming it on the meds.
I kid though. I doubt it'll be that bad, considering I was a work yesterday and was mostly professional.... and also mostly loopy.

No big plans for this weekend:
* demolishing this pizza
* getting new keys and moving a few small things to new apartment
* some much needed vegging (per Dr. Rose's orders of course!)

Got an email from Amazon that made me look cross-eyed for a minute:

Dear Amazon.com Customer,

As someone who has shown an interest in DVD, you might like to know that "Best Foreign Language Film 8-Pack" is the featured Deal of the Day at Amazon.com. This offer is valid today only, February 27, 2010, and while supplies last.

Our Deal of the Day price is just $74.99--60% off the list price of $187.61 for "Best Foreign Language Film 8-Pack." 

It's not so much the price, but the "as someone who has shown an interest in DVD, you might like" part.
Someone who has shown an interest in DVD....

Anywho, here's some lovely things I've found this morning:

A sweet, Russian fairytale.

Beautiful earrings.

A lovely photo.

And of course...

Macarons! via this Pierre Herme

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