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Saturday, February 13, 2010

We interrupt your normal broadcast....

.... for a slice of extra cuteness!
Holy crap! Have you guys seen this iPhone app?

I must buy an iPhone now....

Do you like kittens?
Do you like calling people?
You're in luck!

Introducing Kitty Caller, the premiere kitten themed dialer for the iPhone! Let these little pals help you call your friends in style! Whether it's the frisky Captain Sherbert, stoic Chairman Meow, or adorable Ms. Mittens, they're sure to find a way into your heart!
  • Three adorable kitten themes to choose from! Complete with animation!
  • Kittens that meow as you dial will warm your heart!*
  • Support for your address book!

  • *Not guaranteed to warm your heart.

    (Also via their website)

1 comment:

EP said...

OMG. Seriously. You shouldn't have shared that because I kind of want it now...

Dying of cuteness over here...