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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've received my tax return (a paltry $443) and have decided to be responsible with it:
I will pay off the remainder of my cat scan bill and get an iPod and still have money left over.
You should be very proud... I'm growing up and being responsible and ensuring mp3 goodness.

In addition to responsibilities, I also wanted to share this with you:

I borrowed this lovely picture from So About What I Said...

It fills my heart with hope, happiness and warmth. And I hope it keeps you warm through these cold days.

Currently working with a friend to get the Web site up and delicious. ::crosses fingers::

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EP said...

Yay for putting your tax return to good use! I have a feeling mine will be a lot smaller than yours, and I hope I can put it toward a new computer or something exciting like that.

I love that postcard, and I cannot wait to see your final site!