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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Om nom nom... or the one about food

I was given an hour lunch break from a training session yesterday and used that time wisely... at least in my opinion.

When rumors popped up a while back that the 'burg was getting a Qdoba, I was immediately interested; Smoothie King and Qdoba are within the same chain family. And since I enjoy the occasional delicious smoothie, I had high hopes for Qdoba Mexican grill.
And I wasn't disappointed: the layout was fun and fresh and the choices were appealing. And they offer REALLY good guacamole.

I ordered the grilled chicken three-cheese nachos. The chicken was marinated, beans and rice came with it, the service was good and I got a brownie!

However, I believe I've been spoiled by Caliente Grill, the locally owned Mexican inspired grill: as I got to the fifth bite, I was already bored with my meal, something that hasn't happened to me at Caliente.

And while I'll probably return to Qdoba (mostly for the brownies!), if I'm really craving Mexican inspired, I'll be headed to Caliente.
And as far as price, they are quite comparable.

Caliente Grill
pros: ultra yum, love the seasonings, neat layout
cons: their desserts (sopapillas) are a bit lacking in flavor

Qdoba Mexican grill
pros: desserts (awesome, chewy brownies!!), love their smooth guacamole, bright layout
cons: got bored while eating (maybe too much juice in the marinade and not enough seasonings?)

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EP said...

Mmm. Please, please go to Caliente and have some chicken tacos for me! I miss that SO much! But not as much as I miss you. And our Monday night dinners!