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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ladybugs and iPod journeys

I want to run something by you: where do you think iPods come from?

This isn't one of those DEEP questions like, 'What's the meaning of life?' or 'Which is better: chocolate cupcake or strawberry cupcake?' (to which the answer is both, at the same time... but I digress... and make myself hungry...)

As I wrote in my last post, part of my tax refund went to purchasing my first iPod, and incidentally, my first Apple product. After receiving an email stating that my iPod had been sent off, I immediately clicked on the tracking number...
Yes, I admit, I'm one of those people that likes to track their products and raise the level of excitement as it gets closer and closer. The amount of water and states/countries the item has to cross heightens this even more.
You could imagine how balls deep (or is it ovaries deep?) in excitement I was over something being shipped from Japan or France... there's a whole ocean to cross, that's a whole ocean worth of excitement to deal with.

Ok, so back to the iPod... I click on the tracking number and on February 18, my iPod was in Anchorage, Alaska...

Wait, wtf?!

Sure enough, my iPod began its journey in Shenzhen, China.
So, I had to adjust my excitement levels.
However, looking at the tracking info today, my excitement levels went from ZOMG!1! to wtf?! to huh?

Have a look:

Still don't understand?
On February 20, the iPod in question left Memphis, Tennessee, and went to Kenner, Louisiana. In order to get from Memphis to Kenner, you have to drive all the way through Mississippi (hell, they drove right through Jackson, which is an hour and a half northwest of me).
So, I'm sitting at my computer, baffled that they drove right past me, when I take a closer look at the times of arrival and departures.

Which causes the situation thermometer to raise to ZOMG!1! levels again: FedEx has somehow figured out how to travel at mega-high speeds! Six hours(nearly 400 miles) of travel in under an hour!?

.... or I was just being absolutely ridiculous and finally realized that the iPod was traveling by first class on FedEx Air.
Duh... I need to go back to sleep and restart the day with a little less crazy.

Speaking of foreign things: being schooled in anyway is not something I take lightly. I enjoy learning to a disturbing degree, so much that I'll read a book on electrical wiring just to learn something.
And what did I learn? That I shouldn't be in charge of things that could kill people.
Fun Fact: when doing electrical stuff, you're supposed to turn off the breakers not just turn off the lights.

Anywho, I was schooled the other day on spelling. Spelling is something that I pride myself in. So when I see a word that looks wrong to me, I want to find out why and fix it.
While looking over a project that M is working on, I commented that he had misspelled a word.
The conversation went something like this:

R(me): Nice coloring here, but you have a typo.

M: Where?

R: Here ::points to the offending word::

M: No, that's how it's spelled.

R: Can't be, it doesn't look right at all. It has three m's in it. Here, I'll show you. ::types the offending word into Google::

R: Damn you, Google, for taking his side.

M: You shouldn't try to school a southern boy on southern manners of speaking.

Which is true, the word 'ma'am' is foreign to me. I don't use the term at all. In fact, I think I've used it twice in my 28 years, and only after 'miss' and 'excuse me' didn't work.
I've been called 'ma'am' before, much to my chagrin; I associate that word with older women... and I'm not THAT old.

What a strange little word.

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Anyone else see the heart? :)

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Chris Cope said...

You could win some points back by pointing out that "ma'am" is not originally Southern. It is the established correct manner of referring to the queen of England.