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Monday, February 22, 2010

Where Rose + knife = predictable happenstance

This is where it begins. 

Despite what the public might tell you, I'm not the brightest crayon in the box, sharpest tack in the set, shiniest booger in the... you get the idea: I'm bright, but not that bright.

As you can see, my iPod came in (early I might add) as did a vintage necklace (which will be viewed later). I've misplaced my trusty scissors, so I turn to the biggest knife in the apartment to open aforementioned packages.

Let me interrupt to remind you that I've had several people (friends, roommates, family, coworkers) tell me that I should not be allowed around knives due to several mishaps. It's not as if I mean to cause myself or other things harm... things start off with good intentions:

* like the time I used a simple utility knife to open a box (when I worked in retail) and ended up carving into the glass of three very expensive decor pieces, rendering them useless and unsalvageable. (which might not be a word)
* or the time I wanted to make chicken strips from a whole chicken and just ended up with a chicken mess
* or the many, many, many, ungodly amounts of times where I just end up cutting, stabbing or goring myself

So, yeah... I'm sure you know what happens next. It's comforting to know that I can sprint through my apartment and not trip and fall.

There, much better!

Of course, I did go back and finish opening the packages (with the same knife I might add) without another incident.

Yay! iPod goodness!

And check out the engraving: La Vie de Rose: a list of broken things (the original name of my blog and the general motto of my life).

Fake p.s.: yes, I am wearing boxer shorts with crabs on them in the first photo. They're quite pro.


Anonymous said...

Those shorts do rock.

EP said...

I'm glad that you are OK! You know I generally injure myself when it comes to knives, too, so thank goodness.

And yay for the new iPod AND your shorts!