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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Chocolate zombie

So, I found this awesome recipe over at Kitchen Daily for cheddar pepper palmiers.
This is something I plan to make asap. However, I'm probably going to replace the ground black pepper for crushed jalapeƱos for extra spicy goodness.
Cheddar, jalapeƱos and palmiers, how could anything that sounds that good go wrong?

Speaking of food, it's that special and incredibly annoying time of the month for me and my craving for anything remotely chocolate has gone into overload.
I'm (slightly) ashamed to say that I had chocolate chip cookie dough for breakfast....
and brunch.....
and a little with lunch.

I'm a little afraid to leave the house. I may just head to the nearest gas station and buy as much chocolate and Pepsi I can get my hands on.
However, I'm pretty sure my lazy-induced self will sit right here and browse the internet.
Perhaps look at pictures of brownies and cakes with the safe-filler off!

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