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Saturday, November 13, 2010


So much for thinking that yesterday wasn't going to be so bad.
It was the only day of the week I had to work and then WEEKEND!
However, I wasn't going to be let off that easily: I lost my apartment keys.

And spent most of last night and this morning digging for them.
I can only assume that someone picked them up, thought the key toppers were cute and kept them.

I'm not a perturbed as I thought I would be in a situation like this. I had a spare on me, so I'm not locked out of my apartment. And I just got paid, so I can pay for the spare.
Honestly, the donating of my old books bothers me more.

Speaking of donating, it made my day when I caused someone to do a double-take and give me a huge grin and cheer.
While leaving Walmart, there were sets of students outside each entrance/exit: one for a dance team and one for a baseball team from two different schools. (Two different school districts, I believe)
As I stepped out, one of the girls said, "Good morning."

I greeted her the same as I dug for my sunglasses.

"Would you like to donate to our dance group?"

"Sure," I said, as I pulled out all my singles.

Of the three girls, one did the jaw dropping thing, one did the double-take and the other cheer.
"Oh my god!" "Yay!" "Really?"

"Yup," I handed them two of my four singles, then motioned to the other set of teens. "Are they with your group?"

"No, those are (here she said something about their group and school, but I wasn't really listening)." "You don't want to give to them, they're boys."

I laughed. "Well, it's only fair. You guys have a good day."

"Thank you!"

I walked over to the other entrance/exit and handed the boys (there were two) the remaining two singles. I gave one to each since the boy farther from me looked disappointed that the other boy was going to get both.

That made me feel really good and so, I get to enjoy breakfast from the motherland:

Croissant, napoleon and a baguette filled with ham, Brie, feta, tomatoes and some herbs.
Baguette is not pictured; is already in my stomach. yum!

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EP said...

So sweet, lovely! And that food looks SO GOOD!