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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Autumn blues

I may have reached a new level of oddity.
For some reason, I entertain thoughts that the little messages I send along with the books, movies and jewelry I'm selling, with somehow spark some interest in the buyers and we'll become penpals.

The holidays are coming up.
And many face this time with not only holiday cheer, but with holiday dread.
The holidays are a time for family, togetherness, presents, love and good food.

Fellow singles feel awkward enough and what isn't helping is the mounds of books titled 'Get Him to Propose by Christmas' and similar.
How am I supposed to get him to propose if there is no 'him' to begin with?

Though Autumn is my favorite season, I also fear it. With Autumn comes shorter days and earlier bed times. Crisp, chilly nights during which I could be snuggled up next to someone yet I find only plushies in my embrace.

I'm feeling pretty low and worthless... and then I see something like this:
And start feeling a little better.

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