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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Rose was born

Twenty-eight years ago, I was born in a military hospital in Delaware... and the world was never the same. LOL

Today was pretty fun: went to the zoo close to my parents' place and had a great time with my mum; my dad cooked a delicious meal of buttery, silky sea bass; received cards, many birthday wishes, money, a hat, a scarf and a homemade strawberry pie.
Animal Planet is showing back-to-back episodes of Cats 101, so the front room is filled with "AWWWWW!!!" and "How cute!" and  "I want them all!"

And it doesn't stop there, a few friends want to continue the birthday celebrations to next week. I'm not going to disagree!

I want to thank everyone for their gifts and well wishes.
I love you guys!

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EP said...

Happy belated birthday, lovely lady!

We're celebrating this week!