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Tuesday, November 17, 2009


The food stamps interview, mentioned in yesterday's post, was awful.
If anyone has ever spun horror stories of social service places for you, I'm pretty sure each and every one of those creepy, disgusting, annoying and degrading cliches were playing out at some point in time in that building.
And mind you, this was just from the workers. My fellow poor brethren gave me no trouble at all.

On a completely different side of today's coin: I was called twice today about the teller position and I have a good feeling that once my background check and drug test come back, I will be offered the position and can kiss unemployment goodbye.
Also, my doctor said that despite my elevated blood pressure (which is completely understandable given the current situation) that I'm doing fine and have not been negatively affected by my new medication.
By the way, I've lost 10 pounds!

Here's a nugget of pure comedic gold between a friend and I: (grammar and such have been fixed except when done on purpose for super comedy goodness)

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. You don't have to agree with me. But you've got to admit, it really makes you think.

Speaking about Sarah Palin:

Mr. Cheese: you know who's cool
Me: bears?
Mr. Cheese: Sarah Palin
she's so cool
Me: >_>
Mr. Cheese: o_o
Me: wtf
i don't...
son, i am disappoint
Mr. Cheese: i'm not sure what you mean
Me: that woman is a walking sack of lies, bat shit insanity, contradictions and redneck trash
Mr. Cheese: lol
Hillary shouldn't whine about her political attacks "fair or unfair, it does herself a disservice"
Sarah Palin
2012 president
Me: >_<
Mr. Cheese: the thought is scary, isn't it
Me: yes
i threatened that if she was ever elected, i would go into a random town and proceed to drop kick everyone i saw until 1) i died from exhaustion or 2) she was impeached, simply disappeared or imploded

Speaking about politics:
Mr. Cheese: People expect a president to instantly solve all problems
that's why people switch sides all the time
Me: yeah 
there should be a 'magician' or 'genie' party
then things would REALLY get taken care of around here

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