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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A day in Poortown

Filled out an application for Food Stamps today, however, they'll need to interview me before they accept.
Nothing to be nervous about; this is one interview I'll ace because of my 'Poory McPoor-poor in Poortown with no job' status.

I interviewed at one of the local hospitals last week. The interviewer said I would hear from them early this week if they want to schedule a second/final interview. Well, considering that it's now the end of this week, I don't think they want to call me back in.
Despite that, I called the interviewer to ask of the status, leaving a message on her voicemail. She hasn't called back.

Went grocery shopping and cleaned a bit. Cleaned out a bin of old papers and school effects; it felt good to go through that stuff. The bin is now half full and hopefully I can condense more bins down.

Hope to do something creative tonight or tomorrow.

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