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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I heart Horatio

There's been a few constants that have gotten me through tough times.
Good friends, good family, good food, good video games and good shows, one being CSI Miami. There's something about the show where it seemed to pop up on TV when I was having a tough time staying calm. Some of the episodes have made me think versus just sitting back and going with the flow. Thinking that took my mind off of what was going on around me.

Also, I have a crush on Horatio Caine. It has to be the red hair.

Speaking of media, since I was the sixteenth person to use the Demand It feature to support Paranormal Activity, my name will be featured in the end credits of the DVD and BluRay versions.
I'm famous! LOL


Anonymous said...

Never could get into CSI, but I heartily approve of your appreciation of gingers.

Rose said...

My appreciation of gingers is strong.
I even have a ginger cat!