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Monday, November 2, 2009

Not so easy...

Getting a deferment for student loans is no easy task: long waiting times, stacks of forms to print and lots and lots of text, tiny print and disclaimers to read over.
*sigh* Not my idea of a fun time, but it must be done.

Hell, the past few months haven't been my idea of a fun time. If I could rearrange and change a lot of things from July to October, I would be so much better. In fact, I need to work on that time travel machine so I can beat some sense into people.

I said this little line today to a friend who was having a hard time with college classes:
Just stick with it, the hard times are here for a reason. To test us I guess, to see if we really want something and if we really deserve it.

Perhaps, I should take my own advice.
Although, the problem is... I did stick with it, I really did want it... he, however, did not.

Ina Garten is tempting me to make vichyssoise. Yum!
Oh, food photography... how you make my stomach do flips of anticipation.

Edit: One of my student loan providers said that they don't offer deferments for unemployment. Really? That's ridiculous!
The customer service guy offered a forbearance at a $50 up-front-fee. Huh... no.

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