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Sunday, November 1, 2009

St. Rose of Dover, our Lady of Crazypants

October has been a rough month and I'm glad to see it go.
Not only is November my birth month, it's also a month that has been pretty good to me.
Here's to hoping that my November luck continues.

Today is All Saints' Day, so I wore my medallion of St. Martin de Porres, patron saint of mixed-race people.
I would love a medallion of St. Rose of Lima, my name saint.

And before you guys ask, I'm not Catholic. My mum is and I like the idea of saints and art of saints.
I'm not really religious, I agree and disagree with bits and pieces of many religions. I have morals and beliefs, I don't need to put a name to it.

On another note, I'm participating in National Blog Posting Month.
Here's to hoping I can stick with it. ::crosses fingers::

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EP said...

You can totally do it!