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Friday, November 13, 2009

Look to your assets

Saw my cats last night. Was hella happy about that... and Leon was too! He stood up and stretched his full length next to me to get to my face and for extra head rubs.
He and Murmur are getting along much better now: they were sharing a chair!

Looked over Manon's new illustration project, which is turning out pretty neat. He is altering an old science book to make it more sci-fi with a Dick and Jane style.
I've thought of altering books before. But the thought of defacing books, be it in a creative way, always felt like a crime to me.
Need to get over that if I ever want to get around to making one up.

While looking through job listings, I came across a posting for an architectural designer:

Architectural Designer will work as a Sales Professional to call on Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Homes and Personal Care Homes, to Sale their services as a Remodeling Architectrual Designer to ass on to their existing facility. Will work with our Nursing Home, Assisted Living Home and Personal Care Home Business Mortgage Loan Origination Sales Team. 

Not sure I'm qualified for this position. I don't believe I have the assets they require.

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