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Monday, November 30, 2009

Mission employment: complete

My first day of work after a nearly two month drought was a shock to my system.
No CSI Miami at 9 a.m.! (or at 3 p.m. for that matter) However, for gainful employment, I suppose that is a sacrifice I am willing to do... besides, I can watch episodes online.

I got a taste of what my new job will be like, and I like it! It seems like there won't be much downtime, which is great, because I hate being bored at work.
Another upside is that I will be in training for the next week or so; much better than other positions I've held where the training consisted of pointing to my computer and telling me 'Good luck!'

Since today is Cyber Monday, I got a great deal on two pairs of shoes.
Take a look:

via DSW

I'm getting them in grey (pictured) and black. I was seriously considering getting the muted pink, but decided (at the last minute, mind you) to go with more professional colors.
Man... I can't wait until they arrive; I'm practically drooling in anticipation!

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EP said...

YAY! And, umm, I kind of want to go shoe shopping now. That's bad.

Looking forward to seeing the new kicks!