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Tuesday, November 3, 2009


I was called in for a first interview today as a recruiting assistant at one of the local hospitals.
Had a good feeling about it; wasn't really nervous at all. Which has been pretty much my attitude in the past few years when ever I was going for a position. Being nervous just makes me ill, so what's the point in it?
The worst thing that will happen is that I'll never heard from them and, months down the line, assume that I didn't get the job.

Which brings me to a really good point: not hearing any word back from interviewers.
Where's the common decency to call/e-mail someone to let them know that they didn't get the position?
A financial company I recently applied for online sent an e-mail saying something to the effect of: Thanks for your interest in our company. Unfortunately, we have decided to persue other candidates who more closely match the qualifications for this position.
And I was completely ok with that! They had the decency to let me know, so that I'm not sitting around wondering about it.

Back to the possible hospital job: the interviewer said I should hear something by early next week.
Keep those fingers crossed!

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